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Easter in Greece

While much has changed about the Greece’ s way of life over the last years, Easter remains the major celebration of the year. From the smallest rural village to the hectic Athens, from Crete to Thessaloniki, families and friends come together to celebrate that deeply religious occasion, which takes place on the first Sunday after […]

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“Syrrako and Kalarrytes” is like the “Beatles and the Stones”. People spend hours arguing about which-one they prefer but- truth is- they are both genius- and fans know it. So if you have climbed all your way to Syrrako then stay long enough to visit its little sister- village Kalarrytes. Both stone-built jewels-same stone built […]

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Leaving Pramada and after a 10 minute drive, you arrive at the small village of Melissourgoi which is in a sense the opposite reflection of Pramada: it’s like taking a dive from the top of the mountain to the arms of the mountains’ cliff face. Almost a vertical downhill will lead you to the village’s […]

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Don’t miss this boisterous students’ town by the lake “Pamvotis”, surrounded by steep mountains. If it gets foggy it simply adds mystery and illusion to the landscape but if you are lucky enough on a shiny winter’s day you can see the snow-hidden mountains glow crystal icy or reflected in the lake. “Ioannina glacy and […]

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The Folk Museum of Xylagani

The Folk Museum of Xylagani houses important exhibits of the local residents’ daily life of the local residents. The museum is being renovated to include the local habits and modern – time traditions will be soon fully operational.  

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Trikeri: The naval town!

Overlooking Pagasitikos, the Evian Gulf and the Aegean Sea, built on the edge of the peninsula of Magnesia, it pops up in the corner Trikeri ! The town was built in the early 17th century, before even Pelion was colonized , on a 300 meters rock above the sea, when the population moved from the […]

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Syrrako” village is located in the north-western part of Greece, called “Epirus” and more specifically at “Tzoumerka” region. Syrrako is often called as “the stately village of Epirus”. We are talking about a mountain community clinging to the slopes of the Pindus mountain range at a height of 1.200m. The place, ideal for nomadic stock breeding, was […]

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A beautiful traditional town in the center of Arkadia, Peloponnese. Walking in the streets of Dimitsana is similar to a history class, the plenty of traditional buildings serve as landmarks of the modern Greeek history.

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