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Cephalonia- not just another holiday island

Cephalonia is one of the most amazing islands in the world. Seems to be very exotic and it is true: blue green water, mountains with amazing routes and natural parks and a flora and fauna which is varied and rich. It is not only the loggerhead sea turtle caretta-caretta and the Mediterranean monk seal monachus-monachus […]

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Lemnos is a relatively large island, located at North – East Aegean. Part of volcanic origin, the island lacks rich flora, but has been divine compensated with extraordinary quality soil; “Lemnian gaia” is famous for both its pharmaceutical attributes and the unique tasted white wine, distilled from muscat grapes coming from this very land. Due […]

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Agia Anna

Agia Anna is a village and seat of the homonymous community, of municipal unity Nileos, municipality Mantoudi – Lake – St. Anne, regional unity (former county) Evia, in the region of Central Greece. Formerly belonged to the province of Halkida Evia, in the geographic region of Central Greece. In the community also includes Agali and […]

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Evoia island

  Evia is the second largest island and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. The island is 3,654 square kilometers. and extends along the northeastern mainland of Central Greece, the Maliakos Bay to off the coast of Rafina, separated from it by the Euboean sea. Its shape is oblong with flattened both ends and around […]

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I left my heart in Lesvos! The island of Lesvos is not the one that comes first in our minds when we think of Greece. Yet, is one of my favorites. I visited it, to volunteer on the refugee crisis back in December and I was impressed by its beauty and its raw landscapes! This post […]

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Situated between Kos and Leros, Kalymnos is the fourth largest island in the Dodecanese. It is surrounded by quiet islets, some inhabited only by sheep and goats, others – like Telendos and Pserimos – with just a few houses and tavernas. The Kalymnian landscape is rocky, its majestic mountain slopes fragrant with thyme, sage and […]

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Papanikolis Cave

“Ι dare you to dive into the frozen waters” a friend said. And I only had to think about it for a second. Because once you reach the Papanikolis Cave, the real challenge is to stay on the boat, resisting the allurement of the crystal clear sea. So, are you strong enough to spurn the […]

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