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Springtime in Thessaly

Spring is when the sky’s blue is more vivid and bluer than any time. When the clouds are whiter and are forming the most spectacular sky sculptures. When the cornfields and the cotton fields and the wheat and barley fields and the clover fields are blooming and the trees between the fields or at riversides […]

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Damouchari Beach, Tsagarada, Pelion

Damouchari Beach Pelion: This amazing, natural beach, is situated on the eastern coast of Pelion, just below Tsagarada. Just recently was selected by the Guardian newspaper as the 7th most beautiful beach in the world. It can be reached by boat from Agios Ioannis and Mylopotamos, or on foot from Tsagarada or the Mouresi gorge. […]

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Agrafa, out of the box

I always liked the unpopular destinations, the routes that you will not find in tourist guides and the unknown that will confront after the next turn or behind the next mountaintop. That’s why I love the journey and the destination equally; that’s why I choose different paths to the same destination. In such a path […]

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Trikeri: The naval town!

Overlooking Pagasitikos, the Evian Gulf and the Aegean Sea, built on the edge of the peninsula of Magnesia, it pops up in the corner Trikeri ! The town was built in the early 17th century, before even Pelion was colonized , on a 300 meters rock above the sea, when the population moved from the […]

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Olympus, home of the Gods

We are descending the winding road from Macedonia to Thessaly across a rather shallow ravine. We passed by the crossroad to Metaxa village upon the Kozani-Larissa road  and handing to Sarantaporo. Winter is everywhere and the white veil of snow is the only thing one could see. Leafless trees grow from the frozen land on the steep ravine’s banks […]

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Fakistra, Pelion

The wild and remote beach “Fakistra”. A wild and beautiful beach with fine sand, and rocks, turquoise water, deserted and secluded, it is imperative for a swim, swimming and exploring the surrounding rocks. To reach the beach, the closest village is Tsagarada. In the northern part there are two historical caves. The sea cave of Panagia Megalomata that […]

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Walk Tsagarada-Damouchari

This is one of the most famous and spectacular walks in Pelion, starting in the Square of Agia Paraskevi, (famous for the oldest plane tree in Greece) and goes through some of the most amazing natural scenery, all the way down to Damouchari beach. The path is mostly paved with stones, (kalderimis), whiche were used […]

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Damouchari Beach

3 This is Damouchari, the only natural harbor of the east Aegean side of Pelion. It is famed for the crystal-clear green-turquoise waters and, more recently because it featured in the Mama-Mia movie. The name Damouchari translated literally, means “For Love’s shake” and is an idylic and iconic part of the Pelion Peninsula.  

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Πηλιο, Που Αλλου?!

Το Πήλιο δεν χρειάζεται συστάσεις. Για τους “φανατικους” επισκέπτες του είναι, ίσως, το ομορφότερο μέρος του κόσμου. Τα διαθετει όλα στον Υπερθετικο. Βουνό, Θάλασσα, Φαράγγια, Δάση, Ρυακια, Φρουτα και Βοτανα, Ιστορία, Καλντεριμια, Πηγες, Εκκλησίες και Τόξοτα Γιοφυρια… Πουθενα αλλου στο Πηλιο δεν θα βρεις ολες αυτες τις μοναδικές ομορφιές, τοσο “συγκεντρωμενες”...

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