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Central Macedonia

Olympus Mythical Trail

Many are familiar with Olympus, “The mountain of Gods”, hiking or just visiting the area. But there is a very exciting and faster way to get from the beach to the highest peaks in Greece in a day, the Olympus Mythical Trail (OMT), an endurance race held the first weekend of July. It is a challenging […]

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At a Naoussa’s winery

«Hey! There are horses in here! » You shouted joyfully, as we passed the yard’s door to the winery, «… and a dog and so many cats! So cute! » We entered the yard and then a dark, long room with a fire place at its end and a really big table alongside. It took as some seconds to get use to […]

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Doirani Lake

    Doiran Lake is a lake with an area of 43.1 km² shared between the Skopje (27.3 km²) and Greece (15.8 km²). (Geographical Apartment: Macedonia, Municipilaty:Kilkis) Maximum depth reaches 4 meters! Herodotus mentions the name “Prasias” Distance to Doiran Lake: Athens: 578 km Thessaloniki: 80 km Skopje:180 km Sofia:249 km             H...

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Vergina – Aigai, the Royal City

I was trying to recreate the feeling of professor Andronikos as he first laid his eyes on every rock, object or artifact on place. As I stood here in front of the heavy and imposing yet somehow elegant facade of king of Macedonia Philip the II’s tomb, it was like travelling back to two different […]

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