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Central Greece

Evoia island

  Evia is the second largest island and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. The island is 3,654 square kilometers. and extends along the northeastern mainland of Central Greece, the Maliakos Bay to off the coast of Rafina, separated from it by the Euboean sea. Its shape is oblong with flattened both ends and around […]

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Dirfys Mountain

The Dirfys (born .: the Dirfyos), commonly Dirfi is important mountain range of central and eastern Gujarat altitude greater peak called Delfi (it), 1,743 meters. Excluding the mountains of Crete is the highest mountain in the islands. It has rugged terrain and is quite steep, especially on the east side of the extension of which […]

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View from Pnyx

I think Athena was right, Poseidon also. This place, Athens, has an irresistible beauty. Pnyx, the hill west of Acropolis and north of its brother, Filopappos, is a must see destination for visitors of Athens and the Athenians. You can get here from Thisio and Petralona, or walking up Pikioni’s trail passing by Herodion theatre. The […]

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Sunset in Pelion

The Sunset as seen from the main village square of Vizitsa, in Mount Pelion. Το Πηλιο…των άπειρων ανατολών και δύσεων του Ήλιου που, αν τον ρωτούσες, θα σου’ λεγε πως, ναι, αξίζει τον κόπο να τραβά το άρμα του από την γέννηση του Χρόνου ως την συντέλεια, μόνο και μόνο για να αντικρύζει το Μαγικο […]

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