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Springtime in Thessaly

Spring is when the sky’s blue is more vivid and bluer than any time. When the clouds are whiter and are forming the most spectacular sky sculptures. When the cornfields and the cotton fields and the wheat and barley fields and the clover fields are blooming and the trees between the fields or at riversides and in the mountainous terrain far in the distance are trying to discover any tint or nuance of the color green. Spring is when the wildflowers and the barley ears and the tree flowers and the water creeks and the birds and the morning due and the flying insects are conducting the most glorious and magnificent music, are sketching a divine painting. Spring is when life and eternity and continuity and the fleeting time are one and every second lasts forever.

The plain of Thessaly is the scene where everything happens, where the landscape is smooth, delicate and peaceful, where the hills are melting in the morning mist and the time passes so slowly.

Late April and early May is the best season to live Spring in the plain of Thessaly.










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Pantelis Mitsiou

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