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Lamia, through the eyes of a local.


With this post I aim to underline the existent beauty in places one wouldn’t expect to find it. I am planning to talk about  my home town, Lamia.


The heavy weight of the history, local heroes and remarkable people that come from the capital of Fthiotis region can definitely create high expectations to the visitors. And although no one can deny that in the city center the statues of Athanasios Diakos and Aris Velouchiostis stand tall in the middle of Diakou Square and People’s Square, respectively and that there are still some buildings of unique architecture, Lamia as a whole doesn’t tell the story of its former glory starting in the bronze age, nor stands out among other urban places around Greece. IMG_20160503_123255

If one wants to enjoy his days in my hometown, he has to act cleverly. Taking into account that the city is built upon two hills long walks from the city center to the castle are required.

IMG_20160503_122601 IMG_20160503_122530

Climbing up the stairs it is inevitable not to enjoy the panoramic views that go all the way to the sea. Minutes after you start walking on the side road that leads to the castle you get to see its walls that until today are breathtaking.


The castle itself is a museum, where you can admire archaeological finds from all over the region!

Continuing wandering around the northern side of the city you will probably end up somewhere close to the second hill of the city, where the church of st Loucas is located. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy nature, a small green park, moments from the main city center.

IMG_20160503_140116 IMG_20160503_134942 IMG_20160503_135800 IMG_20160503_142310

By the time you take any road that leads to Parkou Square, you may think that your time in Lamia is over, but let me proudly inform you, that it is just started. The main reason I highly advise everyone to pay it a visit is because of its perfect location. In the very central Greece you’re just a couple of hours if not less away from everything, so why not make it your zero point while exploring the surrounding area?




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