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Lepida canyon

Lepida canyon is on Parnon mountain on the area of Kynouria between the villages Agios Ioannis and Platanos (exit). It is a relatively small canyon in a beautiful landscape with clear waters and most of the descents (10 all together) can be done with jumps and slides. Two of the descents though are 45 m […]

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“Help me, help me, help me sail away Give me two good reasons Why I ought to stay ‘Cause I love to live so pleasantly Lazing on a sunny afternoon”. It was this classic hit by the Kinks and not a greek song playing on the ferry radio the first time I visited Elafonissos. It […]

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Easter in Greece

While much has changed about the Greece’ s way of life over the last years, Easter remains the major celebration of the year. From the smallest rural village to the hectic Athens, from Crete to Thessaloniki, families and friends come together to celebrate that deeply religious occasion, which takes place on the first Sunday after […]

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Springtime in Thessaly

Spring is when the sky’s blue is more vivid and bluer than any time. When the clouds are whiter and are forming the most spectacular sky sculptures. When the cornfields and the cotton fields and the wheat and barley fields and the clover fields are blooming and the trees between the fields or at riversides […]

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Lamia, through the eyes of a local.

  With this post I aim to underline the existent beauty in places one wouldn’t expect to find it. I am planning to talk about  my home town, Lamia. The heavy weight of the history, local heroes and remarkable people that come from the capital of Fthiotis region can definitely create high expectations to the […]

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Louros river

Louros river is a small but majestic river located in Epirus, Greeece. You may go there by car, the distance from Ioannina city is just 20 kilometers. Don’t forget to eat smoked brown trout in any of the many nice and romantic cafe-restaurants by the riverside. ros

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