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Nea Artaki is the second largest city of Gujarat, and belongs to the Municipality of Halkida. Located 10 km. North of Halkida. In recent years the expansion of both towns has connected with New Artaki conurbation of Halkida, giving the image a suburb of Halkida. Nea Artaki was the seat of the Municipality of Nea […]

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Amarinthos, known as Vathia, is a coastal town in Gujarat. Located in the central part of the island, about 30 km. Southeast of Halkida, in the South Evoikos Gulf and across the north coast of Attica. With a population of 4.141 inhabitants according to the 2001 census, Amarinthos is one of the largest cities in […]

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Aliveri is the county town of Evia and belongs to the Municipality of Kimi – Aliveri, which is also based. The Municipal Community consists of Aliveri Aliveri settlements, Anthoupoli Katakalou, Karavos, Lata and Milaki. Aliveri is a modern town, which has a significant economic and commercial activity. Located 52 km. Southeast of the county seat, […]

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Edipsos is a village in the county of Evia and local headquarters Istieas – Edipsos Municipality as he was set up under the program Kallikratis. It’s located four kilometers north of Aidipsos and 110 km northwest of Chalkidas.O population is 1,249 inhabitants according to 2011 census. In the center of the village is the Church of […]

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Agia Anna

Agia Anna is a village and seat of the homonymous community, of municipal unity Nileos, municipality Mantoudi – Lake – St. Anne, regional unity (former county) Evia, in the region of Central Greece. Formerly belonged to the province of Halkida Evia, in the geographic region of Central Greece. In the community also includes Agali and […]

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Platamonas Castle

Southeast of Mount Olympus in a close distance from Platamon, lays the crusader castle “The Platamon”. The castle is well preserved and its main imposing tower is visible from the national road which is a true oasis for the eyes of those passing by the area. With the daylight as well as the darkness, it […]

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The most important colony of Samothrace Perea of the Classical Age, Zoni, was discovered in the coastal region between Maronia and Alexandroupolis. The area is called Zoni-Mesimvria, as until it was identified with the famous centre of Thrace, it was called Mesimvria. The first evidence of human habitation dates back to the 7th century BC, Zoni-Mesimvria, though, experienced its greatest...

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Inahos Canyon

Inahos canyon is on mountain Artemisio in Peloponnese on the way to Tripoli (closest village to the entrance is Nestani). It’s a beautiful canyon with 40 technical descents (3 around 35 m) and a few jumps and slides. The entrance is at 1080 m height and is easily accessible (only 10 min walk), the exit […]

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My Samos

Visiting a place gives the opportunity to someone to interact with the local community. Human and social behaviour is a hidden paradise on each place. Everybody will tell you regarding to the island of Samos (that) it is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese, […]

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