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Lemnos is a relatively large island, located at North – East Aegean. Part of volcanic origin, the island lacks rich flora, but has been divine compensated with extraordinary quality soil; “Lemnian gaia” is famous for both its pharmaceutical attributes and the unique tasted white wine, distilled from muscat grapes coming from this very land. Due to its volcanic legacy, Lemnos was named, by the ancient Greeks, as “Hephaestus island”, according to Greek mythology, here was lying the workshop of god Hephaestus, where the armoires and machinery for the Olympus gods were made. Lemnos has been inhabited since prehistoric times, the ancient settlement of Poliochne, situated in a small peninsula at the east part of the island, considered to be the very first organized city in Europe (build approximately around 4.500 bC). Another archeological site of high importance is the shrine of Kaveiria; the chancel where the ancient deities Kaveiroi where worshipped is also considered the oldest in Greek territories. Lemnos was intertemporal a very important island in terms of controlling a large part of trade amongst various tribes and civilizations. Therefore has been the target of various conquests, most noted by the armies of naval strong force Venice, whose heritage is a majestic medieval castle, located at, present day capital city, Myrina. This castle is the largest castle of its era in the Mediterranean.

Nowadays, Lemnos is, still, a beautiful, in its way, island, ideal for vacations of all sorts. It has a variety of exceptional beaches, sites of extreme uniqueness, such as the much famous “ammothines”, a small, African-style, desert located in the North and a salt lake at the East, where flamingoes and other rare species can be found. You can take long walks, you can ride a bicyle, you can ever learn how to sail, scuba dive, wind or kite surfing, Lemnos is a hot spot for summer sport lovers. You must also taste the products of its husbandry tradition; well-awarded cheese, wine and traditional pasta. Come in good mood, take your time, relax and enjoy what this island has to offer. And then you will come back next year.

Text and photos by Nasos Arimis

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