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Welcome to Meteora.

Located in the middle of the continental part of Greece, meteora is one of the biggest tourist attractions of our country. Their name literally means “hanging” and they are literally breathtaking.

20151118-DSC_1651They are the second biggest monastery 20151118-DSC_1664compound in Greece, after Mount Athos in Chalkidiki. The six monasteries are built “hanging” on the rocks and they can almost be reached by car. By almost we mean that you can go there with your car but in order to get inside you have to climb long stairs climbing the rocks or inside a cable car. The view from up there is of course magnificent and you can only stare in awe at what humans can built when they get the motive.


20160222-DSC_3054The six monasteries are The monastery of DCIM100MEDIADJI_0293.JPGAnapafsa, the monastery of Rousanou, the monastery o Megalo Meteoro (Grand Meteoro) located in the highest rock, The Varlaam Monastery, The monastery of the Holy Triad and the Agios Stefanos nunnery. Each one has unique collections of church treasures and great paintings.

Meteora are visited from about two millions of tourists all around the year. Even in winter they can provide great scenery, sometimes snowed, which give opportunities to photographers to capture their magic.

They are definitely one of the most special places to see in Greece.

20151118-DSC_1665-Pano 20151118-DSC_1690-Pano  20151118-DSC_1711DCIM100MEDIADJI_0195.JPG20151118-DSC_1764


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