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Kimi is a town and port of the prefecture of Evia and headquarters Karystia Metropolis and Skyros, with 2,373 inhabitants, while the municipal Kimi apartment has 2,870 inhabitants. It was the seat of former Karystia and until December 31, 2010 was the seat of the municipality which included the districts Kimi Andronianon Ano Potamia, Vitali, Parish, Kalimerianon, Maletianon, Dependency Dirfyon, Oxylithos, Platana, Tower and Archangels. Is a municipal community of the new enlarged municipality Kimi – Aliveri, which is a historic seat. Located in the middle of the east side of Evia and has centuries of history as a naval city.
Since colonization in antiquity known two homonymous cities: Cyme of Aeolis and Kimi (Cuma) Campania, considered the first Greek colony in the West. Which shows the edge of the second colonial city is that when it was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius, rebuilt as a new City, the famous Naples, Italy. Characteristic of cultural prosperity of the existence of ancient seers wave Sibyl, having capture Michelangelo’s famous frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


Kimi Oxylithos

Kimi Platana
From the mid-19th century to the early 20th is the season that Kimi met days later acne in the economic, social and cultural fields, because of transit trade carried out by commercial centers of the Black Sea and France. Waves captains carry products Kimi and especially the famous black wine of these ports, especially in Marseilles, where the French buy to paint their own wines. Kimi starts to flow money, new perceptions come with the enlargement of the mind from contact with the developed European centers, and developed urban consciousness. This is clearly seen in buildings in koumiotiki costume with Renaissance influences bearing in cottage industries, the lifestyle. In this historical period stated Kimi Folklore Museum.
Waves in the background was the internationally famous physician George Papanicolaou, known by the title early diagnostic tests of cervical cancer, the etcher Dimitrios Galanis member of the French Academy, Major John Velissariou, liberator of Ioannina in the First Balkan War, the writer Vassilis Loulis, Paul Nirvana (artistic pseudonym of Peter Koumioti), by origin of his father, and modern Iannis Xenakis, a member of the French Academy, and Nick Mouzelis economist, and many other scientists, men of letters and artists.

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