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αρτακη1 αρτακη2 αρτακη3 αρτακη4Nea Artaki is the second largest city of Gujarat, and belongs to the Municipality of Halkida. Located 10 km. North of Halkida. In recent years the expansion of both towns has connected with New Artaki conurbation of Halkida, giving the image a suburb of Halkida. Nea Artaki was the seat of the Municipality of Nea Artaki until its abolition in accordance with Kallikratis program in 2010. The village got its present name, when they settled in this refugee from Artaki Cyzicus in Asia Minor. Until then called gers. The name was officially changed in 1933

The area where New Artaki is today before the arrival of refugees in 1922 was a marshy area with very humid climate which belonged to the landowners Voudouri family. In 1922, refugees from the Cyzicus Artaki settled most in this marshy area, while small the rates settled in areas of Thessaloniki, Magnesia and Halkidiki. As is common with cities names called by the respective cities were abandoned in Asia Minor, before the city name entered surname News.

The settlement soon after the foundation joined the newly founded community Vatontas. The community was renamed community Artakis 1933 and recognized a municipality in 1989. The municipality Artakis remained unchanged until 2010 so repealed by applying Kallikratis program and New Artaki joined the new enlarged Municipality of Halkida.

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