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Inahos Canyon

Inahos canyon is on mountain Artemisio in Peloponnese on the way to Tripoli (closest village to the entrance is Nestani). It’s a beautiful canyon with 40 technical descents (3 around 35 m) and a few jumps and slides.

The entrance is at 1080 m height and is easily accessible (only 10 min walk), the exit is 400 m lower and it’s length 1700 m. There are stalagmite and cave-like formations in the canyon and it is full of plants.


Inahos was the son o Oceanus and Tithias and according to Pausanias Inahia gaea was the first name of Argolis. He is considered the first ancestor of people from Argolis and all the heroes in mythology were named Inahides. Inahos as a king drained the plains of Argolis after the great flood. In another myth, Inahos’ son Foroneas and his wife Telesidiki were the only mortals survived the great flood. But there is also a myth that Inahos (as a river) was condemned by Poceidon to have no water during the summer.

Text by Nikos Vittis, Photos by Vangelis Koutsodontis


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