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Not your usual Greek beach, Voidokilia is one Ω shaped sandy paradise, untouched by man.     Just bring water with you and enjoy! Oh, and an umbrella unless you want sunburns till Christmas!    

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Sunset in Pelion

The Sunset as seen from the main village square of Vizitsa, in Mount Pelion. Το Πηλιο…των άπειρων ανατολών και δύσεων του Ήλιου που, αν τον ρωτούσες, θα σου’ λεγε πως, ναι, αξίζει τον κόπο να τραβά το άρμα του από την γέννηση του Χρόνου ως την συντέλεια, μόνο και μόνο για να αντικρύζει το Μαγικο […]

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Welcome to Pramada, a village where you have no worries related to the feeling of isolation from the rest of the world, as it is fully equipped with all services needed for a traveler, even in case of emergency (i.e. a small medical center and a Pharmacy, a gas station, an ATM, even a Post […]

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