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Dirfys Mountain

The Dirfys (born .: the Dirfyos), commonly Dirfi is important mountain range of central and eastern Gujarat altitude greater peak called Delfi (it), 1,743 meters. Excluding the mountains of Crete is the highest mountain in the islands. It has rugged terrain and is quite steep, especially on the east side of the extension of which is Ochthonia. The west side shows a conical shape. The Dirfi also shows heavy snowfall from early during the winter, because it is exposed to the cold northeast currents.
The flora and fauna of Dirfys is rich enough and at high altitudes encountered great fir forests while at lower altitudes encountered chestnuts, oaks, sycamores, pines and various deciduous.
In ancient times on top of allegedly ancient temple of Hera Dirfyon. Most important villages Dirfys is Close Dirfyos, which is the seat of the municipality Dirfyon, located on the western edge of the mountain, and Stropones located on the eastern slope.


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