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Leaving Pramada and after a 10 minute drive, you arrive at the small village of Melissourgoi which is in a sense the opposite reflection of Pramada: it’s like taking a dive from the top of the mountain to the arms of the mountains’ cliff face. Almost a vertical downhill will lead you to the village’s unique square which is there just like nature shaped it: a beautiful green valley with multiple water sources on its side (actually the whole village is full of natural water sources responsible for its rich green color) and a coffee shop right next to the cliff leading to Araxhtos river.

On your back there are the Tzoumerka mountains and directly right over the mountain of Kakarditsa (2.429 m) the natural border between Ipeiros and Thessaly. Staying still in this exact spot you will definitely feel a sense of protection and serenity as surrounded by the high imposing mountains and the sound of the river. Do not miss to visit Agios Nikolaos, the village’s central Church, built in 1778 and decorated with unique hagiography icons from the 19th century. Next to Agios Nikolaos there stands a small taverna where you can enjoy cheap and delicious meals. On top of the village, at 1.203 m, a gorgeous and renovated mountain shelter operates these last few years that provides accommodation, food and a list of very interesting excursions around the area. Actually a 4hr walking and highly recommended path inside the forest connects the 2 shelters (Pramada’s and Melissourgoi’s)

Text and photos by Ourania Harmanidi

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