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Erimitis beach – Paxos



One of the finest examples of what nature can do in just a few moments.

Erimitis is one of the two beaches in the,otherwise rocky fjord-like, west side of the small island of Paxos. It was created naturally after an earthquake in 2008 and it immediately became one of the many must visit beaches in Paxoi islands.









You can access Erimitis through a small road in the village Magazia. It has a part dirt road, about 2-3 kilometers and after that you have to walk down there via a small path under the trees.

P1020143And suddenly you see it, eyes wide and jaw dropped, (at least i did) and the only thing i could say was “WOW!”. Long sharp rocks dive into the sea and one small pebble-filled beach.


Of course there are no beach bars, umbrellas, water or anything man-made there. You have to bring it with you and take it back, do not litter!!.





Because of the remoteness and the difficult access to the beach, it is also a very good place for nudists. We have to admit that the waters are seldom calm there because of the open sea. Nonetheless is one of the most special beaches you can visit and sure to remain in your memory. Especially the dreamy sunset! I personally chose to view it from the Erimitis restaurant in the cliffs above the beach, but i think that seeing the sun set in the sea is one of a kind experience.



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