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I left my heart in Lesvos!


The island of Lesvos is not the one that comes first in our minds when we think of Greece. Yet, is one of my favorites. I visited it, to volunteer on the refugee crisis back in December and I was impressed by its beauty and its raw landscapes!

This post is dedicated to the breathtaking village of Molyvos, situated on the northern part of the island.

Little to nothing reveals the daily struggle of the locals, who along with volunteers from all over the globe, have been saving refugees fleeing war for some years now! The village is always clean, the flowers on the balconies on point, the little souvenir shops and taverns open to welcome you!

Molyvos has everything a unique village should. It is traditional; built on a hill, it has a great view and golden sunsets that can make Santorini, jealous. Houses and narrow roads made out of stone that lead to a castle, create a breathtaking scenery, as well!

Although, Lesvos is not popular for the sandy beaches, as many parts of the island are rocky, here in Molyvos the beach is surprisingly smooth!


average sunset in Molyvos!
average sunset in Molyvos!

What makes this village really stand out is its local people, kind and generous as they are, they steal your heart! But, not just them are worth talking about, since all the stray cats of the village add something to its uniqueness!



Visit Molyvos, before it gets too popular, in order to enjoy the place in all its glory… And if you want my advice visit it during winter time!

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