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Trikeri: The naval town!

Overlooking Pagasitikos, the Evian Gulf and the Aegean Sea, built on the edge of the peninsula of Magnesia, it pops up in the corner Trikeri ! The town was built in the early 17th century, before even Pelion was colonized , on a 300 meters rock above the sea, when the population moved from the island Palaio Trikeri, to ancient Kikynitho, in the entrance of Pagasitikos, according to Stravon.



The people who settled in the region in the early 18th century were being removed from Mani and along with Vlachs from Pindos, and natives, they built Trikeri. Although it is not an island, it presents intense island features and rich maritime tradition. So leave your vehicle, wear your trainers, take your camera and wander the cobbled paths.



You will discover Mani-style towers with Macedonia-style roofs, white houses with blue details that remind island style and also a  lot of old traditional mansions.

trikeri4 trikeri5

It is worth visiting the churches of St. Athanasios and Agia Triada with magnificent carved gilded iconostasis and a balcony with the best view!


Remember that in every corner of this naval town there is a surprise waiting for you.

Text and photos by Lena Trypa


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