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Kallithea Canyon

Kallithea and Ag. Loukas are two sections of a canyon near the Village of Kallithea in Peloponnese close to Xylokastro Town. It’s a beautiful canyon with water throughout the year, although during February and March may be dangerous. Ag. Loukas (1.5 km) is less technical, it has only 5 descents with abseils (rappels) and two slides. Kallithea (850 m), on the other hand is much more technical with 21 descents (highest 20 m) with abseils, a few jumps and 2 slides. It has all kinds of waterfalls. Some are curved, a couple of them need more experienced canyoners and a third can be descended with a tyrollean traverse. Besides the technical issues the canyon is very beautiful with nice rocky formations, turquoise color waters and trees even inside the canyon.

Text, photos by Nikos Vittis

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