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The cave of Maronia

Among the settlement of Proskinites and Maronia Municipality at ” Koufos sideways ” , approximately 2000 meters north of the bridge of Platanitis , lies the cave of Maronia known as the ” Cave of the Cyclops “.
According to local tradition , this is the cave where the Cyclops Polyphemus lived , and Maronia , the area where Odysseus ship landed becspileo (1)ause of the storm .
The cave was known to local people since ancient times .  K . Avdis is considered to be its first explorer. Professor C . Bakalakis visited the cave in 1938 and pointed out the significance of the cave in the “Macedonian Diary” of 1955, insinuating that it is probably the cave mentioned in Apollonios Rhodios’s “Argonautica” as the residence of Orpheus in the land of Kikones.
In June 1969 a team of speleologists headed by Anna Petrochilou explored and mapped part of the cave. In July – August of the same year, the same team completed the exploration and mapping of the cave, as well as a study of its touristic exploitation.



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